Comparison … The silent virus

‘’The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.’’

Comparison can be a normal thing in a person’s life. However, it all depends on how we use it. If you compare yourself to others for progress check and other purposes such as motivation, it’s fine. But once you start being consumed by what you see, yet you always end up feeling less than what you are, it is a problem.  The truth is, it’s not wrong to look for signs; signs that you should grow, signs that you are doing great. But you just need to look in. Because when you focus so much on others, you will be filled with pressure and feel as though there is a certain deadline. That you should be stable at a certain age. That you should be doing what others do because you are falling behind. It’s not truth … And that’s how you get infected by the silent virus: comparison.  Likes, follows, comments. They were meant for fun, but they are becoming a form of approval. It seems as though, the more you get of them, the more important you feel. But if you only looked in, if you only knew your worth. If you only knew accomplishment had no color or size, no age or height. It’s okay to not go fast, as long as you keep moving. For example; someone has a diploma years before you, but you are still in the process. Once you get yours, it will be the same diploma. You just need to keep trying. Why compete, when we will face our own yellow light? Rerouting is not denial, the light is green for your neighbor now, it is their time. Rejoice with them because your time will come. You may not have it the same way, but one day, in a different space, a different time, you will be happily living your desires. To each his own…


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