6 ways you can get better

Your wounds are not your fault but your recovery is definitely your responsibility.

1. Say positive affirmations to yourself

Reminding yourself of your precious value always works. Tell yourself things such as “everything will work out for my good’’ and  “the tools I need to thrive are in my possession”. This will alleviate your worry and remind you that it will be okay. Your journey is unique and will flourish as it should.

2. Go for a walk

It improves your mood and energy.

3. Meditate

Since there are different teachings of meditation, find the one that’s suitable for you and use it often.

4. Change your space

Maybe add a new  bed sheet? How about that DIY decor you have on your saved lists? try it ! Trying new things keeps your mind busy from negativity. You could even write down positive affirmations and put them on your mirror.

5. Vent

Talk to a trusted friend. And tell them exactly how you feel, they may come up with something that can help. Don’t be anxious,  a true friend will never see you as a burden they will take time to listen to you and cheer you up as much as they can.

6. Don’t worry

No matter what situation you are in, it will change. That’s why you should embrace good times and take advantage of your happy days. Bad situations will also change, so learn from them and don’t take them too seriously. Eventually, it will get better.


  1. Sunflower says:

    Thanks !😀


  2. Paulson Louisius says:

    congratulations.good to practice


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