Trust issues: Even in education

How college bribery scandal causes trust issues in students.

You are young, ambitious and are willing to work hard for your dreams, although you know you will face many obstacles, you know it’s up to you to make your dreams come true. So you think all the sleepless nights are worth it. Passing a test is a big prize for you. And since you’re aware that, for the most part, admission is competition, you work twice as hard. But wouldn’t it be fine if everyone did the same? Because after all, it’s only fair. Well not everyone see it that way …

Fifty people were charged due to bribery in school, several parents got caught bribing school coaches and administrators so that their child can make it to the top. A lot of students have been on the recruited athletes list without having the required ability, sad.

Although the investigation does not end here, the fact that this was even possible, the fact that administrators agreed. It’s kind of hard to know other ways real hard working students are being affected, because for every non-qualified but rich student added to a list. A real hard-working but not as successful student was not chosen. Because there is competition in school as well. According to bloomberg news, parents paid a total of $25 million to coaches and test administrators from 2011 to 2018. What’s left for the talented students with no sketchy activities? Since the other parents already have the winning seat, this is causing a lot of doubts. What can an average young and ambitious person do? Also, how do we know there aren’t other things being done as far as their grades and test results? Because I’m sure there can’t be a place for two. And if the dishonest parents bought it, what can the average do?

In conclusion, the truth always come out. Since we’re aware what is going on now, maybe justice will be in favor of the genuinely talented students, and one should never give up on their dreams because of unfair schemes. Truth  can never be hidden.

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