3 common myths about agape

God’s love

3 common myths about agape love

Love is one of the strongest forces in nature, although a lot of people confuse it with attachment and other things, there are different kind of loves for different kind of connections. Agape  is the purest form of love, however, there are some myths about it that a lot of people tend to believe. Here’s a list of myths about agape love:

3. It’s only for christians

We may know that it is the love God has for man, but God’s love benefits both believers and unbelievers because the sun rises for both, but agape  is a universal love. Some call it charity, it doesn’t belong to a specific race or religion neither. (John 3: 16)

2. It’s romantic

To be specific, agape is true love. Agape can be found in any connection; spouses, children & parents, friends and many more. Agape is when the level of understanding and commitment is completed. Two friends may enjoy each other’s company, but when their bond is perfected it’s called agape. Siblings can love each other because they are siblings and are devoted to blood, but once their love is completed it’s called agape, it gets unconditional and pure. This kind of love doesn’t belong to a specific kind of relation. Agape is the highest form of love. It is the love that completes the connections and it doesn’t have a limit. Without it, all other kinds of connections are simple and natural. In other words, agape love goes beyond nature. All siblings have some type of  love for each other, it’s natural. When you grow up with someone and they share a home, it’s easy to love them. But once you start truly loving that person, not only because they are related, when you love their persona without conditions and are committed to their well being, it’s called agape. The same thing applies for spouses and other family members.

1. It demands constant togetherness

Agape may be a passionate kind of love, but it’s not controlling. Unlike eros, agape is peaceful and sane. Allowing the other to be comfortable while respecting them, it doesn’t inspire obsession. Thinking of agape, it doesn’t come with the image of cupid or being madly in love. It’s loving, kind, patient and gentle.

Also, agape often gets confused with ludus

Some people think they love when they are just in love. When it comes to romantic relationships, a lot of people don’t want commitment. They just want someone to meet their needs and desires while being free and not meeting the requirements of a relationship.

Ludus is playful, fun, teasing and flirting. Ludus tend to produce: friends with benefits, sexual attraction with no commitment or true love involved (fetish) and secret affairs…

What exactly is agape?

Agape is God’s gift to nature and all that it is. It’s an opportunity to see things in a better way, to accept and cherish. This kind of love doesn’t belong to a specific group or type of commitment. It’s unconditional and inspiring. If agape was tangible, it would be a colander in my opinion. Because it is what purifies every relationships. Separating what we need from what we don’t; keeping love, support , trust and respect. Releasing selfish ambitions, control, envy and disrespect. I could also compare it to a column, because it’s strong. Agape is for everyone i.e., you can love a parent with agape love. Not just a lover. Agape is what inspires us to prioritize the needs of others. Have you ever experienced it?

Happy easter xoxo 🙂

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