How reliable are you ?(Just for fun)

Hey there! It’s sunday and we have another blogpost, another topic. But today the conversation you’ll have with me is a little different, I created a short quiz that will help you determine how reliable you are, notice that it says “Just for fun” in the title, so don’t take anything too personal. I just thought the blog needed a little humor this week. Now the questions are actually good enough to determine whether or not you are reliable, but because people have different routines and everyone knows what they can accept in their interactions, the right answers to whether or not someone is reliable could differ. Once again this is for entertainment. So here’s how you do it: Each question will have 4 answers. there is no right or wrong answer just choose the one that matches your personality (Beware that clicking an option won’t record your answer because this quiz is not attached to a link so it would be better if you could get a piece of paper or just remember your choices.) Each answer will have a score (It doesn’t really matter, just choose your answer). Choosing an answer simply because it has a bigger score only means that you are missing out or that you don’t get the humor. Just be honest with yourself and have some fun. After you have completed the quiz, after you memorized or wrote down all the answers, add up your points and scroll down to see what your score says. Have fun!

Is it hard for you to say no?

A. Yes, very hard. I don’t want to let others down, so I say yes to everything (3 pts)

B. No it’s not, I only say yes if I know I will do it. I don’t wanna make promises I can’t keep (6pts)

C. It’s not hard because others should understand that we have different routines,(2pts)

D. Somewhat hard, I do what I can (5pts)

How often do you finish what you start?

A. I always finish what I start, I’m pretty consistent (6 pts)

B. I usually start well and get bored/tired/distracted (2pts)

C. Never, that’s why I rely on others for important tasks (3pts)

D. My problems affect me in this type of area, and due to stress, I quit before I finish (5pts)

How often do you cancel plans?

A. It depends on the person I had plans with (2pts)

B. I only cancel plans if I have an emergency or a bigger plan(5pts)

C. Always, I usually get entertained with the new plan that comes up (3pts)

D.I don’t cancel plans because I keep my word (6pts)

If you had to spend the day with your significant other, then one of your friends calls you because they need your help ASAP, what do you do?

A. Refer my friend to 911 (2pts)

B. Apologize to my significant other and leave as soon as I can, we can always spend time but my friend may get in trouble (6pts)

C. I’d probably miss the call because I’m lost when I’m with my significant other (3pts)

D. Try to get someone else to do the work because I love my friend but I love to spend quality time with my significant other (5pts)

What would your friend say about you?

A. That I’m always there for them (6pts)

B.That I only care about parties (2pts)

C.That I isolate myself but I still care (3pts)

D. That I’m nice (5pts)

How often do you lie?

A. Hardly, I only tell lies to protect myself (5pts)

B. Often because I’m scared the truth may hurt others (3pts)

C. I try to avoid it as much as I can, truth is always better and it heals itself and lies will be exposed somehow (6pts)

D. I never lie (2pts)

Are you comfortable with being yourself?

A. Barely (5pts)

B. No because I have to fit in (2pts)

C.Yes, I have nothing to hide and since no one is perfect, you either accept me as I am or let me go. (6pts)

D. No, I’m ashamed of myself (3pts)


Can you be trusted with kids/animals/vulnerable people?

A.) I’m good with kids and/or vulnerable people, not animals (5pts)

B.)Yes, all three (6pts)

C.) Not really, I have exceptions (3pts)

D.) Not at all (2pts)


If you scored between 16-20 pts:

You are not reliable, that’s not your thing. You prefer to prioritize yourself but that doesn’t mean you don’t care for others. You may have faced something that made you think if you prioritize others they will betray you, use you or let you down somehow. Others think you are selfish but that’s not how you see things. You should keep in mind that helping someone has nothing to do with your advantage, what you give, comes back to you. Even if you don’t get it from the person you gave your time to, someone else will give it to you. And don’t worry about users, just keep doing you and the energy you pour out will come back to you 🙂 Remember God loves a cheerful giver that expects nothing in return. 2 corinthians 9:7

If you scored between 21-30pts

You try your best, you do have a kind heart and want to help others but you don’t do much, it may be because you are busy or simply because somethings are convenient to you and some are not. You help others when you can and you expect them to appreciate your effort. Which is good, but keep in mind that giving extra help is a very positive action and staying 5 more minutes will make others open up to you.

If you scored between 31-40

You are a very helpful person. Others can count on you for secrets, to take care of something for them when they don’t have time, and many more. You don’t let the behavior of others determine your actions and you are always ready to help. The only thing is, sometimes you probably don’t deal with energies you don’t want to deal with.

If you scored between 41-48

You are very reliable, you love helping/serving and being there for others and you expect nothing in return, because you know that giving alone is the reward. You don’t do things for the eyes of the public, you don’t do things to get respect or admiration from others. You simply enjoy giving and get things done because you think that’s how it should be, although you don’t owe nothing to a lot of people, you still help because that’s who you are. Keep it up, we all need more people like you.

What’s your score? I’m curious 😀

Remember this is just for fun

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  1. Sunflower says:

    I got 42 !

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    1. That’s great! Keep being you ❤

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