Different things and occasions God uses to talk to us

A lot of people tend to expect a loud voice coming from the clouds when they think of how God speaks. Although he could, he doesn’t necessarily communicate that way, in fact, God’s voice and presence is not even intimidating (See 1 kings 19:11-13).

The Holy Spirit is among the servants of God, and He’s there to counsel, guide and encourage them to stay in God’s presence. He is pure, therefore, he should be respected. Believers are advised to not practice things that will make him (holy spirit) go away. If you sin against yourself or someone else you will be forgiven. But you will not be forgiven if you offend the holy spirit of God. When Jesus left, he promised to leave the spirit with us to guide us. And with his help, God uses a lot of things and occasions to communicate with people. Below are some of the signs that God is trying to tell you something.


God is the only one who can see our hearts, which is why it’s better to pray in our hearts for our most special needs. Because other people and spirits can hear your voice and fallen angels love to hear our desires, because it’s a way to our hearts and that makes it easier for them to be successful in their many attempts to separate you from God, they don’t care about your money. So even after you pray with a group of people, you may request your personal needs to him in your heart. Matthew 6:4 encourages you to pray in secret and that God will reward you since he sees what is done in secret. Just as you can use your heart to talk to God, he can use it to talk to you as well, a lot of times,  when you feel in your heart that you are drawn to something, it may be God’s will for you. But the heart can be deceitful as well, not all desires are good. That’s why it’s better to ask God for discernment.


Have you ever been in a situation when all you could think of is give up? But then you may see a scripture that gives you strength. A lot of times,  God will use his word to communicate and you should pay attention to repeated bible verses: they may randomly come up in a situation, you may hear them during a sermon, a conversation with friends,  you may see them on a social media post as well. Pay attention to them because nothing happens by accident, even the fact that you are reading this blog.


No matter what path you choose to serve God, you need to remain in his word and obey him. A lot of times, God will use wise counsel from any of the following to warn you or take you to something: Your spiritual guide, a parent,a sibling, an advisor, a friend, a family member. We shouldn’t limit God’s ways of speaking and there is nothing he can’t use to speak. If you have a wise figure in your life and they randomly start talking to you about something, it may be God talking through them. When you see this, use your privacy (your heart) to ask Him if it is his will.


If you’re like me, you don’t get impressed by dreams or pay too much attention to them, you may even forget them at times. Although that doesn’t necessarily mean you underestimate them, you simply don’t prioritize them over other spiritual inspirations. But if you or someone tells you a dream that involves an important area of your life, it might be God talking to you. God has always used dreams to communicate to his servants (matthew 2:13). In my personal experience, when I or someone else would have a dream,  I wouldn’t jump into conclusions right away, I would Go and ask God if it’s from him, what it means and if he could clarify it for me. It is also important to ask God to put things in your level of comprehension when you ask him to confirm or show you something, he will 🙂


This one is a little similar to wise counsel, but it’s quite different. Don’t think that because someone is not a wise person God can’t use them to speak. God can use a random stranger, a child, a close friend or anyone around you to talk to you, but since others are not always right, seek God’s will.


Have you ever felt a song was written for you? Ever been melancholy and hear a song that comforts you? What about this random, uninvited song in a playlist? I like to let them in, when a song comes to me by accident, I hear the message behind it, I don’t push it away. God can also use a song to talk to you, if you feel that you should listen to a song, do it. He might use it to answer a prayer or relieve your stress. It could also be the song of the current season of your life or your victory song. Embrace it.


God will also use hard times to talk to you and teach you a lesson that will make you grow, he may want to raise your rank in the spirit. Whenever you don’t have a choice but trust God, he might be trying to teach you to be more patient or he might be increasing your faith. Either way, listen to Him.

God is amazing and he let us know what we need to know. If you’ve experienced one or more of these clues, I suggest you to ask God his will for you. A prayer doesn’t have to be long, only ask Him what his will is and be open to receive answers. Since you can pray in your heart, it doesn’t always have to be at a specific place, you can send him a message (in your heart) right now and ask him…. Have a great journey 🙂

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