But if you know, you know.

Siblings are one of the greatest gifts God can give someone, you have a role model, a friend and a therapist all at once. It’s very common to see big sisters play a big role in the lives of their younger siblings, but not all of them like to make this known. If you know, you know. If you pay attention you will be able to relate to one or more of these things your big sister never told you. She probably never will..

1. You may be “free” because of her

Strict or semi strict parents, ugh can’t live with them but can’t live without them right? Not every parent are cool with what us millenials do sometimes. But if you notice that your parent is less severe on a specific thing, it’s because your hero of a big sister has already crossed the path. And since they know your parents very well, they can calm them down. They can play the role of an intermediate and tell the parents you’re okay. So as age comes and the years go by, your strict parents have other priorities.

2.She gave you the last piece she had

Last piece of pizza, time, energy, effort. She gave it all and did not even look back. Because you are a priority, she would rather see you happy but she’ll pretend she’s okay every time. Nothing in this world is free, if you have a sibling sharing these things with you do not waste none. And if you can’t return their big favors, at least be useful to yourself. That way, you will make it easier for her and when the time comes, you may return the favor.

3. She’s been there

Girls have a better time with their sisters and whenever you go through that young woman phase you know you have someone you can talk to. Someone who saw the years before you did and saw your days come by, value that.

4.She wants the best for you

Since she plays the role of a mother sometimes, she knows and wants what’s best for you. She has your best interest in mind and is willing to prove it so you may be happy.

5. She is your best friend

I mean, she shouldn’t have to tell you that. A good sister is a blessing and a guide. People may come and go with different intents, good or bad. But a good sister is a permanent, God-given friend.

Conclusion: Having a good sister in such a cold world feels like winning the jackpot. Hold on to that. And whether or not you can return their sacrifices, pray for them. Prayer is the greatest gift you can give to someone because you give their unknown situations to God. If you spot one or two of these clues you are highly blessed. Share this blog with your siblings if you agree!


  1. Sunflower says:

    Keep it up ! Good job !

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