Health. It comes in many ways right? We all heard about precautions we should take to keep our bodies healthy, we heard about what to eat, what time to eat it and how often we should eat it. But what about our minds, our true selves? Our physical bodies do not represent us. The smallest influence can create a thought, and this thought can become a behavior. The conversations you have, the people you keep in your circle, the celebrity you admire and imitate, the words you speak and the music you listen to are all things that can shape you. They can build or break you, it’s up to you. Because anything you entertain is an energy you invite into your life. If you start listening to a song that upgrades insecurities, once you believe what it says or you entertain it. It will start to influence your mind, you will start thinking and behaving that way so it won’t take long until you lose any self esteem you had. The body follows the mind so make sure you learn good things so you don’t be led astray. You should also be careful about what you let entertain your eyes or what you call eye candy. Psalm 101:3 encourages us to keep our eyes away from vile things. Vanity has enough power to make your brain believe, desire or even pursue something spiritually poisonous. If your desire causes neglect in your spiritual life, it’s poisonous, if it bring others down instead of lifting them up, it’s poisonous, If it can cause you to lose your soul, it’s poisonous (mark 8:36). I think it’s safe to always watch out, to constantly pay attention to your progress, not in tangible things. But your progress as a human being, your emotional growth. Always keep an eye on how the people around you make you feel and how your life is with them. If you don’t pay attention you won’t know, and it might be too late when you decide to do so, keep your eyes open (matthew 6:22).



  1. Sunflower says:

    I love the subject and your post !

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    1. I’m glad you do ❤


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