Are you sure you’re the owner?

It’s trending. My neighbor already has one, so I have to do my best to have it. I will sacrifice my health if I have to. Because I should have it and update my social platforms. Oh,  but do you really have it? I think it’s the other way around. It has you! You deserve it because you kept your dignity and took the right steps to have it, but once all your energy and strength is poured out into that thing alone, is it gonna rescue you? Or what if your body gets weak and you have to be hospitalized, isn’t someone else going to enjoy it? You give it so much of your time that your loved ones can’t see you, sometimes they can’t even touch it, because you refuse to share it. It’s true that if you take care of something it will last, but if you are so scared to break/lose it that you become paranoid, your property owns you, if I may say it. You probably don’t own your things, but they own you if they cause you to lose character. It’s not just money, it’s also concerning that new phone, trending outfit, car and many more. It’s true, you should enjoy your life but things are not meant to be loved, people are. Things are meant to be shared and used. So make sure you own things and they don’t own you. Because you may lose your time, loved ones and even yourself. 


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