“Oh but there’s no feelings involved”

Let’s talk about intimacy, it shouldn’t be so taboo.

What if it was that simple?  What if you could just get pleasure and not have something created? Once all jokes are aside and you start talking about better topics like humanity and its essence, the universe and the hidden things, true friendships and influences, you realize that some things should be kept sacred. They should be valued. Carnal knowledge, for example, was created for many purposes, good purposes. The creator offered male and female the power to participate in the art of creation, to join and procreate (genesis 1:28). But no part of the universe exists without a dark side, not even you. While the good is working for, the wicked is working against. Everything that was handled to man is a weapon, he gets to choose how to use it. Intelligence for example, can be used to inform, comfort and uplift. Or you can use it to manipulate, hurt or glorify yourself. There are two sides to everything, but you become like the one you use more often. It’s pretty clear how the dark energies influencing this world pervertized intimacy. They have used it for all the wrong and immoral reasons. Knowing all of this, it doesn’t feel so good to hear a friend say “I’d hit that” (millennial way of expressing sexual attraction towards someone)

“Oh but there’s no feelings involved”

It would be better to just have feelings involved, you know? It’s deeper than that. We’re deeper than that. The human being is tripartite, in other words, we are made into three parts. Spirit(mind), body and soul. When you join someone and you sleep with them, you create a connection with their soul. What you do below, affects or has connections above. If you know you don’t see a future with someone, why would you create an unnecessary tie with them? Sex is more than just pleasure. That’s why God intended to have you share it with someone you love and whose heart belongs to you. My guy friends used to tell me it’s the girl’s downfall to sleep with a guy, when this is all the guy wants. But little did they know, it’s theirs too.

How? How is it a guy’s downfall?

When you mate, you give. When a guy has multiple sexfriends, it affects his spiritual state and even his journey and purpose. Every family has a dark spirit, it’s just that some decide to truly serve God and because of that, this spirit can use no power against them. But when a girl is sexy, hot or pretty without God as a higher power, she is exposed to the dark energies that’s been in her family (past or new generation). So when a guy sleeps with her, she shares her demons, dark schemes (even though she has good intentions) with the guy she sleeps with. So that guy is also exposed to the fallen angel. Guys can have demons too but I’m focused on girls today because you will more likely hear a guy say there’s no feelings while thinking it’s fun. But it would be better to just have feelings.

You may not love her, thinking you’re a true player, but you can become weak under what’s inside of her

So don’t go ahead thinking “I cheat but I love my girl” or “I’m single but I hit every now and then” because the impact of the spirit is permanent whether you are aware of it or not. The people you link with can help you walk into your purpose or they can cause delays in the things you were supposed to live. When they wanted to defeat samson (an inconvincible man with unique gift of strength in his hair). They sent him a woman, but because he was not paying attention and was blinded by his infatuation, she cut his hair and so he became weak. So someone can be sent in your life in a beautiful package but the spirit causing them to meet you has a specific plan and reason to send this person. Your essence, what you share with someone during intimacy, possess some essential things to your destiny. A lot of girls and guys have lost a blessing due to infatuation. Many have been led astray because during intercourse, the spirit operates and it causes setbacks in a person’s life. The demons in your sexual partner’s life can remain in you because you are exposed to its powers during intercourse. What’s sad is that, you don’t even know that it is truly Patricia you are sleeping with, you don’t even know if you are staring into her. Because her soul may leave for awhile and the demon starts sleeping with you. And due to this specific intercourse a plan/plot is accomplished. Don’t get sold, be careful out there.

People that are spiritually safe share grace during intercourse, but those who are not share spirits. So don’t even get lost into Jean’s eyes, his six packs are not worth it if it’s all he has, if he’s using it to attract and not honoring his journey as a person. As a woman, you hold the power to many things and you are mother, but you can’t possibly be spiritually safe if you sleep with anybody or if you think the proof of love is intercourse. It affects your existence.

I’m sure God created it to be enjoyed with someone you love, it was not meant for dares, or to show off, or because of temporary desires. In conclusion, I hope Laura doesn’t give her body away simply because a guy is cute or Tom doesn’t pursue a lady because she’s sexy, cause spiritual ties are forever. It’s never too late to break them though, but that should be a personal prayer with God, asking Him to break those unnecessary spiritual connections, to keep you away and of course you should try to not expose yourself to them again. 


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