I think we just need the right balance during quarantine

Fear, obedience & Empathy

While it is only right to follow all the healthy guidelines during the pandemic, I think fear does not have its place.  As Christians we are called to be God’s light (Matthew 5 : 14-16). If the neighbors are panicking, we don’t need to do the same thing. We are called to be obedient. Therefore, we are to stay in until we are told to go out.  We must have empathy and remember all the people that will suffer if we don’t stay in. If we don’t stay in, the pandemic will get worse. As a result, people coming from an abusive home won’t get an escape, the homeless will get sick, the caregivers will be overwhelmed, so we must stay in.  However, fear is not the answer. Stay in and pray for the world, stay in and read, stay in and call your friends, stay in and write or watch tv. It’s all about what we do while staying in.. I just think we need the right balance between being cautious and trusting God.

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