I am not responsible for your challenges

I  am not responsible for your challenges

Just because I show you love

Just because I am vulnerable

Just because I show some skin

Does not mean I want you to run to me whenever you’re afflicted

What about the times when you’re just fine?

What about the unforgettable moments, do I not deserve a share of joy?

I think you misunderstood the voice of my heart

You failed to understand my kindness

The aroma of my essence

The number of times I gave support;

You miscalculated.

And I told you this morning

I don’t open my arms because I need you

Although I genuinely esteem you

My kindness does not scream weakness

I’m not saying you can walk all over me

I’m saying if you run enough errand you have a friend in me

I am not here to save you

I do not want to fix you

I expect you to own your chaos

I expect you to have your own balance

Only if you are your own fifty

Will we come together and keep it one hundred

You must stand…

It is the only way I will  know I should give you a hand

I pour my heart out because you are valued, not flattered

I am not aiming to be a support system

Nor a repairing machine

I am saying you are loved

You are acknowledged

You are valued

You are cared for

If you are still not capable of understanding

I think you should go inside

Dive deep and then maybe

Just maybe you can come find me-

You see I am a companion of yours

I am saying maybe not because I would tire of you

Not because I wouldn’t wait until you are done diving

But because I don’t  know if you’d still think I am deserving after you’ve found your answers

After all, you rely a lot on my comforting love

Maybe that’s all you see

Maybe that’s all you want

Maybe I’m just afraid

Either way, as long as I am merely your comfort

As long as I am your peace

That side of the balance will overrule

Maybe a little too much

But if only you can find yourself

And you can up your downs

You will have all of me

You see, it’s not to say I don’t want to show you love ;

I don’t want you to need me

We must come together

Each side of the coin must be able to show up well

I am your friend

Your sister

We shall ride or we shall die

Not leaving the other

But my dear you must stand

I  rely on the hope that one day you’ll understand

That for you I could confront all hell

But you must be able to see it well, very well

I want good for you as I want good for myself

After all you are loved as my own soul

How do you know it isn’t more than that?

 I want you to be my pride,

Not my project

So don’t wait any longer

Go, go now

Go find and tell me what you see

Update me

Because I will not forget you

There will I stand waiting, I  am the one showing you the tree

Hoping you will share the fruit with me

Whether you choose me or not

I cannot withhold the indication

Because I want you to be free

I want you to do good more than I want you to be with me

Go now and don’t wait any longer

After all, I believe it will make you grow

I believe you deserve that glow. 


Published by convoswithmichaelle

My name is Michaelle and I like writing my point of view. I hope you get inspired by an article or two .

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