Dreams we shouldn’t ignore

Although dreams are very common, they don’t come from just one source.  There are 3 sources of dreams: God (sending warnings) Our own flesh (reflecting our desires and thoughts) or the enemy (sending spiritual traps).  Not every dream is to be taken lightly.  Especially as christians, we know that the adversary is in a constant battle against our spirit (Ephesians 6:12). 

Below are some dreams that are not to be taken lightly…

Dreams of fighting an animal (whether a strong beast or a small insect)

The adversary of our souls is constantly representing himself as an animal.  We all know he was represented as a serpent in the garden in order to lie to Eve (Genesis 3) , he is referred to as “the beast”  in the book of revelation (revelation 11:7) and Jesus referred to him as “a roaring lion” looking for someone to devour (1 peter 5:8).  Although animals are God’s creatures, not every representation of animals is good.  Different animals may represent different aspects where you have a weakness and different areas that your adversary is trying to use against you. 

Dreams of eating 

A lot of people say that only dreams that involve eating meat are bad, but the truth is, all eating dreams are bad.  The spirit does not need “food” in order to survive, so it isn’t normal to dream about yourself doing things that only your physical body needs.  These dreams may have a lot of meanings and for the most part, they may represent evil initiation working against you.

Dreams of waters  (being in a pool, by a pool in a sea, etc)

These dreams may represent new struggles in the waking life. And it may also be  a summon from marine spirits. 

Dreams of sex (having sex, being forced or forcing someone to have sex)

A dream that involves anything that has to do with sex is not a good dream and it may also indicate a summon by spirits. It is also a sign of a spirit spouse.  It is a dangerous dream and should be rebuked as fast as possible. 

Dreams of Rats

Although dreams are very symbolic, some of them require nothing but a little bit of common sense.  Rodents are not domestic animals, and the only thing they do is destroy and they are very unpleasant.  One of the words Jesus used to describe satan was “destroy”. (John 10:10) Rats in a dream may represent a spirit of destruction, most likely against your finances and tangible goods.

Dreams of someone you know attacking you 

For the most part, it’s not really the person that you are seeing.  It is most likely a familiar spirit. Meaning, it appears to be a person you know, love or trust.  The spirits want you to become vulnerable and not attack back. Discernment is required.



What can we do?

First, you need to confess all your sins to God himself in the name of his son Jesus.  Second, you need to pray against these dreams with different psalms. You also need to ask God to give you the discernment of the Holy Spirit. Third, you need to find a trusted follower of Christ so they can pray for you.  Fourth, you need to get rid of anything that is connected to the world, be it lust, greed, envy, music blessed by witches etc.. and you need to distance yourself from anyone that reminds you of the world. After that, you need to ask God to help you stay on the good path.  Ask him to give you strength against all these distractions. If the dreams are persistent, you need to fast and pray nonstop. Put gospel music in your home even when you are busy doing other things. You need to pray nonstop. As long as you constantly pray and have an honest  relationship with God. As long as you continue to oppose these demonic forces while remaining obedient to God’s word, he will help you. The secret is obedience. The enemy is always trying to find something to bring against you, you can only be wrong if you disobey God himself.  You must know what God says in order to be right, you must know the word. I’ve been there and I I must say that as long as you follow God’s instructions, and remain in God’s presence, He will fight for you.  It’s not just about going to church because there are also demonic spirits in church. Demons are not scared of churches, they are scared of the presence of Jesus. You have to welcome Him to your heart and remain obedient.  You also have to know HIM and know the word, because tangible churches won’t remain forever, and you won’t be able to rely on fellow christians forever. 


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