What lust can and will do to you

Lust, often confused with love, is one of the things that the adversary uses to keep us from hearing God’s voice.  Although the majority of us have been through it and prefer to not talk about it, I think it’s best if it’s talked about because some of us have younger siblings or younger people that look up to us.  It’s also important to talk about it  so that even those who are not younger may share their own perspective.  So what are some of the things that lust can do to you?

Lust will cause you to rush and awaken love

Although it is okay for a person to learn about themselves and find their own interests, there is still a time for everything and if I’m being honest with you, let me tell you that rushing does no good.  There should always be a balance between  “You only live once”  and  “There is a time for everything”.  The bible encourages us to not poke or awaken love before its time (Song of Solomon 8:4). You awaken love when you rush in without God’s approval, you stir it up when you only care about being in love,  while forgetting other things that may come with it. 

Lust will cause you to be selfish

 When Eve and Adam sinned by eating  the forbidden fruit, all creation suffered from it.  In the same way, some of the things that will happen when you lust, will cause those who support you to suffer.  For example, if you are not working and you get a girl pregnant, your parents will have to work twice as hard in order to support your child. 

Lust will make you confuse seduction for charm

Charm is something natural that was given to everybody.  A person can be charming because of the sound of their voice, another because of the way they walk, stare or smile.  Each one of us has something.  Seduction begins when someone uses their God given charm in order to gain what they want.  Be it attention, money, likes or comments.  Charm was given to you, by God, in order to attract the person that is for you.  God did not choose more than one person for you.  Although there may be available matches, there is always a final decision.  So if you are intentionally using your charm on multiple people at once, best believe you are using it wrong. 

Lust will create unnecessary soul ties. 

Soul ties are happening everyday and should be talked about more often. Soul ties are automatically created with friends and people we choose to spend our time with.  Even if you don’t sleep with someone, you can create a soul tie with them and this is especially dangerous because some people are associated with spirits that are not of God.  When you associate yourself with someone, you pretty much associate with whatever spirit is behind them,  and that may cause unnecessary warfare in the spirit. 

Lust will attract and keep spiritual husbands/wives

Lust is one of the common things that attract spiritual spouses.  These spirits (succubus & incubus) are associated with jezebel and cause people to lose their essence and that soulful aroma that is supposed to be reserved for their God given spouse.  People with a spirit spouse are deceived and defiled by them.  These spirits will cause some people  to watch porn.  They will intend to interrupt the person’s walk with God and his plan for them. That’s why dreams of having sex are not to be taken lightly. 

I really hope you enjoyed reading this blog. We have all struggled with lust one way or another be it unnecessary or  lustful convos, forbidden flings, temporary moments of pleasure and more. Everybody has a different story that involves a battle against lust, not one story is better than the other but remember you are in charge of yours.  If you are currently going through it, I suggest you confess and get rid of music and other things that cause  you to lust.  Get in the spirit ASAP.  Pray, fast and seek a trusted Christian to pray for you and turn your heart to God. 

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