What’s wrong with other girls?

“I am not like other girls” you probably heard this from at least one girl before. The reason why some girls pronounce these words might come from a desire to be validated. I believe that society, infidelity and social media push girls to the belief that they have to do something in order to be outstanding. In order to be unique and “not like other girls”. What’s wrong with other girls? You see the truth is girls don’t have to do anything in order to stand out. They just need to be in accord with their essence. The minute a girl chooses something to do in order to stand out, is the minute she walks out her lane. I’m saying that because everyone is unique. That means if you “find” something to do in order to be seen, most likely that thing is not of your nature. If there is something that you do, that is naturally from your heart and it makes you stand out, that’s fine. But the only problem is when it is not of you. Playing a role that the universe already gave to someone else. You are part of the puzzle of the universe and your piece is essential. The exact shape of your experiences need to be used by you. If you leave your spot, who will complete it? How will the rest of us know the true beauty within you? Be yourself and find new passions if you have to. Don’t do anything in order to “separate” yourself from other girls. Because other girls are smart. Other girls are strong. Other girls are unique and have their own personality. Psalm 139: 14 says that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. What catches my attention is the fact that the verse says “fearfully” when someone does something fearfully, they don’t rush. They take their time and energy and put it into that thing. The exact person that you are, is who you need to follow. Don’t portray someone else’s life, experiences, trauma, beauty or words in order to stand out. After all, what’s wrong with other girls? Other girls struggle and they get back up, they cry and they smile. Other girls are loved and other girls are seen.


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