When Selflessness becomes Selfishness

We can’t please everyone.  That’s why we always go with the choice that we consider beneficial. When we choose to honor a person or a situation, we turn our back to  things that will hinder our chances of remaining in touch with that person or situation.  Lately, I have been putting selflessness in question.  Even though it comes with sacrifices, it is not meant to be destructive.  There should always be a satisfaction that comes with knowing that someone can smile because of you.  Or that a situation is relevant because of your input.  Still, selfless acts shifted towards a stagnant recipient is actually destructive.  It becomes ruinous when all your efforts turn into blank/vain results.  There is a difference between a situation that can’t improve FOR THE MOMENT and a situation that simply can’t improve.  Love or passion were not made to be destructive.  Rather, it is important to question where that love or passion is invested. 

I realized that selflessness invested in a stagnant goal is wearisome, it is not hopeful at all.   It is destructive and pointless.  Selflessness is choosing to continue to push through as long as it is collaborative.  Selflessness without evaluation is like purposely walking towards a dead end route.  Selflessness without reciprocity is selfishness towards the body and mind of the investor.  Selflessness is only relevant when it is equally constructive and fulfilling towards a specific goal.  I used to think that, as long as I loved myself more, I could pour my energy into any goal without measurements.  As long as it was ok with me, that would be enough reason for me to invest time.  However, I do not think that this is enough for me anymore.  Things  should not be merely ok with me.  I realized that, indeed, we can’t please everyone.  That’s why we should turn our backs to recipients not meant to be fulfilled by us. 

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