When Selflessness becomes Selfishness

We can’t please everyone.  That’s why we always go with the choice that we consider beneficial. When we choose to honor a person or a situation, we turn our back to  things that will hinder our chances of remaining in touch with that person or situation.  Lately, I have been putting selflessness in question.  EvenContinue reading “When Selflessness becomes Selfishness”

What’s wrong with other girls?

“I am not like other girls” you probably heard this from at least one girl before. The reason why some girls pronounce these words might come from a desire to be validated. I believe that society, infidelity and social media push girls to the belief that they have to do something in order to beContinue reading “What’s wrong with other girls?”

Dreams we shouldn’t ignore

Although dreams are very common, they don’t come from just one source.  There are 3 sources of dreams: God (sending warnings) Our own flesh (reflecting our desires and thoughts) or the enemy (sending spiritual traps).  Not every dream is to be taken lightly.  Especially as christians, we know that the adversary is in a constantContinue reading “Dreams we shouldn’t ignore”


I DON’T WANT TO BE DISCIPLINED!!! AND THIS IS  WHAT I’LL DO ABOUT IT… I don’t want to be humbled, I don’t want to be the reason a person cries to God, because He cares about his servants and will certainly discipline me for hurting them.  I don’t want to be the reason someone isContinue reading “I DON’T WANT TO BE DISCIPLINED AND THIS IS WHAT I’LL DO ABOUT IT…”

I think we just need the right balance during quarantine

Fear, obedience & Empathy While it is only right to follow all the healthy guidelines during the pandemic, I think fear does not have its place.  As Christians we are called to be God’s light (Matthew 5 : 14-16). If the neighbors are panicking, we don’t need to do the same thing. We are calledContinue reading “I think we just need the right balance during quarantine”

“Oh but there’s no feelings involved”

Let’s talk about intimacy, it shouldn’t be so taboo. What if it was that simple?  What if you could just get pleasure and not have something created? Once all jokes are aside and you start talking about better topics like humanity and its essence, the universe and the hidden things, true friendships and influences, youContinue reading ““Oh but there’s no feelings involved””

Are you sure you’re the owner?

It’s trending. My neighbor already has one, so I have to do my best to have it. I will sacrifice my health if I have to. Because I should have it and update my social platforms. Oh,  but do you really have it? I think it’s the other way around. It has you! You deserveContinue reading “Are you sure you’re the owner?”


But if you know, you know. Siblings are one of the greatest gifts God can give someone, you have a role model, a friend and a therapist all at once. It’s very common to see big sisters play a big role in the lives of their younger siblings, but not all of them like toContinue reading “THINGS YOUR BIG SISTER PROBABLY NEVER TOLD YOU”


Do you know those days when you look back only to see how far you’ve come? How far you’ve come emotionally, mentally and spiritually. To make things short, you want to see how far you’ve come as a person. But at times, I can’t help thinking there are some things I could’ve done better. OfContinue reading “THINGS I WOULD TELL MY YOUNGER SELF”

Different things and occasions God uses to talk to us

A lot of people tend to expect a loud voice coming from the clouds when they think of how God speaks. Although he could, he doesn’t necessarily communicate that way, in fact, God’s voice and presence is not even intimidating (See 1 kings 19:11-13). The Holy Spirit is among the servants of God, and He’sContinue reading “Different things and occasions God uses to talk to us”