Traits of the spirit of jealousy

Jealousy, we have all heard about it.  It seems like it is becoming more and more acceptable as the days go by.  Some jealousies are worth calling out so our brothers and sisters who are asleep may turn against the spirit behind it.  I would also like to mention that there are two kinds of jealousy. 1: Jealousy that’s coming from a territorial heart, refusing to share/lose a loved one.  2: Jealousy that’s coming from a selfish heart, which makes one covet what another has. Even though the first jealousy that was mentioned is not a sin (as long as there is self control and discernment) . Envy in itself is a sin, no matter what the justification is. (Exodus 20:17) Jealousy  or envy has caused Cain to kill his own brother Abel. It caused the brothers of Joseph to sell him. Envy is the reason the enemy is no longer in heaven today, he desired God’s throne. He overlooked all that God gave to him; beauty, splendor, power, knowledge, and much more.. If envy was not a big deal,  God wouldn’t forbid it alongside the rest of the commandments. Envy make people turn out evil and selfish. Below are some of the traits of the spirit of jealousy, covet or envy, however you may call it. 


  1.  Manipulation

When Rachel noticed that Leah gave three sons to Jacob, she became very envious of Leah and told Jacob to give her children or she would die.  Clearly Jacob didn’t want Rachel to die, and Rachel knew that. So she used mind games on Jacob just so she could outdo Leah. In the same way, people with the spirit of jealousy will use emotional manipulation on either the person they are jealous of or on other people involved with that person. 


  1. Lies 

Demons hate all humans and just because they make someone guilty of jealousy, it doesn’t mean that this is the only burden they will have to carry, the jealous person will also lie because these demons want them to disobey and distance from God.  In order to be envious, people spend a lot of their energy, they lose their essence and their hearts become cold. 


  1. Slander

Now this one is very similar to sign #5, a lot of time the spirit of jealousy will manipulate the truth.  Spreading little “pieces” of facts on every big amount of lies just to make them credible. A lot of people rely on the fact that they are       “not lying” in order to spread deceits or petty gossip. For the most part, the intention behind those spoken words are all that matter. (Matthew 12:36).  A lot of people don’t show their jealous spirit to the person or persons they are jealous of, so they manipulate the truth just so other people can do it (target others)  for them. 


  1. Unnecessary competition or comparison

The person affected by the spirit of jealousy is to be prayed for.  The real problem is the spirit behind it. One of the things that people with a jealous spirit do is, they duplicate other people’s identity in an unhealthy manner.  They are the same people that make others look bad after they themselves have caused something wrong. As far as comparison, there need be self control when it is being used.  People who possess a jealous spirit will compare their lives to others but not in a good way. (Philippians 2:3)


  1. Making others feel uncomfortable in their skin

A person with a jealous spirit says  things like “Stop using this skin care routine, you won’t look good”  or “You think you’re better than me” . They hate to see it, they hate to see others comfortable in their own skin. 


  1. Jealous people may  even get mad at God 

When Cain realized that God was pleased with how Abel served Him, he suddenly became envious and violent, he killed Abel.  When God asked Cain about Abel, his response was “I do not know, am I my brother’s keeper?” . Instead of taking lessons from Abel, Cain chose to kill him.  As a result of his jealousy, even the way he responded to God was not normal. In the same way, a person who possesses the spirit of jealousy can get mad at God himself for showing you His favor. 


Jealous people don’t choose who to get jealous of because they are being deceived.  A person with a jealous spirit can even become jealous of someone who has less than them.  These demons usually work as gangs, so a person who has a spirit of jealousy will also possess a lying spirit, a spirit of slander, a spirit of hypocrisy,  and even a spirit of murder if they don’t control it. The person who is a target of the jealous spirit should pray for them, love them and distance themselves.  But the person who has the spirit of jealousy should turn against that jealousy. Turning against that jealousy means turning against the spirit by asking God to remove the spirit and by committing to love. If you are someone dealing with a person that is deceived by this spirit, you should know that there is nothing wrong with you (unless you know you provoked them) you should pray for this person and  try to use healthy confrontation, unless they are the type to make a scene and blame it on you. If you are reading this and you feel that you have one or more of these traits, know that you are valuable and you are your own person. Everything that someone may have come from God, the bible says that every good gift is from above (James 1:17) Instead of focusing on the receiver, focus on the giver and in due time you will have your own. Maybe the reason why you haven’t received yours is because of the way you ask, maybe you should have different intentions (James 4: 2-3). Get right with God and learn to love and want what is for you, only then will you see the beauty of staying in your own lane. Perhaps the grass on the other side isn’t that much better… Ever thought about it that way? It’s all about perspective.



I don’t want to be humbled, I don’t want to be the reason a person cries to God, because He cares about his servants and will certainly discipline me for hurting them.  I don’t want to be the reason someone is spending sleepless nights. I don’t want to be the reason someone is hurting. I don’t want to be used by these forces of darkness to hurt someone. I don’t want to be a vessel of lies, betrayal, bullying, covetousness, quarrel or anything that would cause someone to hurt.  It’s true, we have all been wrong. No one on earth is blameless, but we are to examine ourselves (2 Corinthians 13:5). We are to repent. I don’t want to be the “enemy” that will have to be humbled, I don’t want to persecute others. I don’t want to be an enemy of God simply because I am an enemy to his children… I don’t want to be disciplined and this is what I’ll do about it: I don’t want to be an attacker so I will love.  I don’t want to be an opponent so I will intercede. I don’t want to be brought to shame so I will repent. I don’t want to cause spiritual warfare so I will spend time with God. I don’t want to be the accuser’s puppet so I will not invent. I paid attention and I never saw a child of God get stepped upon forever. God doesn’t allow them to be brought low enough where He can no longer see them. No matter how things turn out, no matter how strong the unthinkable may get, God always shows up in the end, so why bother? Why expose myself to God’s avengement?… It is unnecessary.  Finally, I don’t want to be deceived or bribed by the false light to cause my fellow brother/sister to suffer, the false light hates every human and does not have friends. I would rather repent and remain in God’s will. I don’t want to be disciplined, so I will remain on love’s side. 

I am not responsible for your challenges

I  am not responsible for your challenges

Just because I show you love

Just because I am vulnerable

Just because I show some skin

Does not mean I want you to run to me whenever you’re afflicted

What about the times when you’re just fine?

What about the unforgettable moments, do I not deserve a share of joy?

I think you misunderstood the voice of my heart

You failed to understand my kindness

The aroma of my essence

The number of times I gave support;

You miscalculated.

And I told you this morning

I don’t open my arms because I need you

Although I genuinely esteem you

My kindness does not scream weakness

I’m not saying you can walk all over me

I’m saying if you run enough errand you have a friend in me

I am not here to save you

I do not want to fix you

I expect you to own your chaos

I expect you to have your own balance

Only if you are your own fifty

Will we come together and keep it one hundred

You must stand…

It is the only way I will  know I should give you a hand

I pour my heart out because you are valued, not flattered

I am not aiming to be a support system

Nor a repairing machine

I am saying you are loved

You are acknowledged

You are valued

You are cared for

If you are still not capable of understanding

I think you should go inside

Dive deep and then maybe

Just maybe you can come find me-

You see I am a companion of yours

I am saying maybe not because I would tire of you

Not because I wouldn’t wait until you are done diving

But because I don’t  know if you’d still think I am deserving after you’ve found your answers

After all, you rely a lot on my comforting love

Maybe that’s all you see

Maybe that’s all you want

Maybe I’m just afraid

Either way, as long as I am merely your comfort

As long as I am your peace

That side of the balance will overrule

Maybe a little too much

But if only you can find yourself

And you can up your downs

You will have all of me

You see, it’s not to say I don’t want to show you love ;

I don’t want you to need me

We must come together

Each side of the coin must be able to show up well

I am your friend

Your sister

We shall ride or we shall die

Not leaving the other

But my dear you must stand

I  rely on the hope that one day you’ll understand

That for you I could confront all hell

But you must be able to see it well, very well

I want good for you as I want good for myself

After all you are loved as my own soul

How do you know it isn’t more than that?

 I want you to be my pride,

Not my project

So don’t wait any longer

Go, go now

Go find and tell me what you see

Update me

Because I will not forget you

There will I stand waiting, I  am the one showing you the tree

Hoping you will share the fruit with me

Whether you choose me or not

I cannot withhold the indication

Because I want you to be free

I want you to do good more than I want you to be with me

Go now and don’t wait any longer

After all, I believe it will make you grow

I believe you deserve that glow. 


I think we just need the right balance during quarantine

Fear, obedience & Empathy

While it is only right to follow all the healthy guidelines during the pandemic, I think fear does not have its place.  As Christians we are called to be God’s light (Matthew 5 : 14-16). If the neighbors are panicking, we don’t need to do the same thing. We are called to be obedient. Therefore, we are to stay in until we are told to go out.  We must have empathy and remember all the people that will suffer if we don’t stay in. If we don’t stay in, the pandemic will get worse. As a result, people coming from an abusive home won’t get an escape, the homeless will get sick, the caregivers will be overwhelmed, so we must stay in.  However, fear is not the answer. Stay in and pray for the world, stay in and read, stay in and call your friends, stay in and write or watch tv. It’s all about what we do while staying in.. I just think we need the right balance between being cautious and trusting God.

It’s never been so easy to “save” the world

It counts.  It all counts.  Your participation and your empathy.  No one is being asked to go days without eating.  No one is being asked to leave their house. Instead, everyone is being asked to remain in the comfort of their own home.  It’s never been so easy to love your neighbor. If you are confident in the strength of your immune system or if you know a reason why you shouldn’t listen, think about the homeless.  Think about those who don’t have a roof or a daily meal. You make this harder for others. It’s never been so easy to show you care. You can literally have all the breaks you desired before, read your favorite book, watch your favorite show, you can do it all. To those who never “found” enough time to spend time  with God, you can get to know Him now. It’s never been so easy to do it for your loved ones and others… All you need to do is stay in the comfort of your own home. 

#Quarantinetoheal #Dotherightthing #Stayin 


A lot of people use  “God told me” a lot more than they spend time in prayer.  Just like people have different reasons for using others, they have many reasons why they misuse God’s name as well, even though one of the commandments clearly states   “Thou Shall not use the Lord’s name in vain.” Some of these reasons may be the fact that they seek to overprotect their image, shift people’s attention or it could even be deceit from their own flesh or the enemy.  2 Corinthians 11:14 -> And no wonder for satan himself masquerades as an angel of light .

  1 John 4:1 -> Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see if they are of God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world. 

1. They are confusing

God’s presence does not produce confusion. Anytime someone says “God told me” but it  doesn’t provide peace, you should seek God’s discernment so you may know their intentions. It doesn’t have to be a long prayer, the only thing you would have to do is pray in your heart.  A simple prayer like “God, show me Xyz’s true intentions, is Xyz really your servant?” and he will show you clearly, in His timing obviously.

2. What they are claiming they heard from God does not match His word

God will never tell someone to do something that does not match His word. The earth and heavens will pass by but never will God’s word,  it says so in Matthew 24:35. Christians are to test themselves (2 Corinthians 13:5), not because we are not important to God, but because it’s too easy to “fall”.

3.They shift the attention to themselves a.k.a seeking glory

Have you realized something? I’m pretty sure you perceived that it is not about us anyways, all your chaos, all the things happening, your spiritual warfare. Ephesians 6:12 says that our struggles are not against people, but the spirits and principalities of darkness. So if it’s not about us,  why worry about what others are doing? As long as you are in the faith. Some people don’t seem to understand that being God’s vessel is a blessing, they use their gifts for other purposes. God says in Isaiah 42:8 that He will not give his glory to another. Yes, we are all created in His image and we are parts of Him but a lot of people have been deceived, so always use the discernment of the Holy Spirit so you may not abide in what God hates. 

4. They want you to obey THEM

No one should force you to do anything.  Even God himself does not force people to obey Him.  But some worldly spirits have deceived others and want to be obeyed while refusing healthy confrontation.  But again, how would we know who they are? By using the discernment of the Holy Spirit and by testing them.  How do you test them though? Well, go read 1 John 4:1 it says that every spirit that confesses that Jesus came into the flesh is from God, but every spirit that denies it is not of God.  

I really hope you took some time to read the previous verses and I hope you will  meditate on them soon. I am not trying to tell anyone what to do but I am just sharing the truth, keeping it to myself would do no good.  Hopefully next time someone tries to deceive you with “God told me” you will take a pause and reflect. And this not only about “God told me”  the suggested discernment prayer works for everything, I hope you have a great one and if you got at least one thing out of this blog share it with a loved one. 

“Brutally honest”… correction or trend?

I do not own the rights to this image…

This is how I was going to caption this blog: —-> today’s brutal “honesty” <—–But as I was reading some bible verses,  I realized that it’s not new and it is not a product of “nowadays”.  It’s always been around you know?  Even scripture says there is nothing new under the sun.

I noticed that a lot of us tend to say we’re brutally honest or we have no filter as an excuse to be rude and unkind. The truth is, we believe that honesty should be loud.  I almost fell unto this trendy “rawness” by letting it make me question myself (not in a good way) but I remembered that even the bible encourages a christian to speak and correct with compassion. 

 We have a habit of speaking harshly and most of the times with selfish motives.  Next time you fix someone’s crooked path, don’t let it be known to others, don’t make it obvious because it is God who inspired you to do so.. He/she will appreciate it later, if you do it from within.  You can still be honest, in fact, you SHOULD be honest. But the kind of honesty that is recommended by the bible doesn’t make a feast for itself.(matthew 12:36) 

There is also some character traits that is expected from someone that is “real”.  If the approved rules are not followed, then someone is supposedly unreal. But is that so? If you find yourself in that situation, and you know that what you put out is organic, you should not feel intimidated by these rules. Trendy is not necessarily biblical.  Always keep proverbs 15:1 in mind.

 What most people (including myself) don’t realize is, your own guidelines make it easier for you to be deceived.  Let’s take a look back in high school or let’s just talk about high school movies. The “cool kids” usually have some standards, if a girl/guy don’t fit into their standards then “you can’t sit with us” is all this girl/guy will hear before the cool ones  proceed with side looks or eye rolls, right? So what will the person do? The one that wants to be cool… He/she will suddenly start trying to fit in by acting exactly as a cool kid acts, they will follow every single rule like not text back fast, sit on specific tables and bring trendy stuff to school, right? Isn’t that how some kids think? Ok, that behavior is in adults as well.  The only thing is, they manifest it in different ways. When you express yourself and you say this is how a real/honest person should be. And you describe your own required traits such as loud, vulgar (yes, some people expect a real person to be vulgar) and many more. So, someone who sees something in you for their own benefit, it could be anything from loneliness to a need for validation.  That someone will act exactly as you want a real person to be in order to be approved by you. Even in the emotional area, when a guy asks “what makes you happy?” he is just trying to figure out what the entry to your heart is. This is why a lot of girls say “he changed” but he never changed, he was never that person. He wanted to capture you and you taught him how to. He stopped being your happiness when his goal was accomplished (it could be any goal from intimacy to ego boost). 

 Don’t set trendy guidelines to detect a brutally honest person, the bible say you will know them by their fruit.  If the fruit is not genuine, you will know. Ways to know? By ASKING the FATHER for discernment, discernment only comes from God.  It happens by asking him to show you, allowing him to show you, waiting for him to show you and trusting what he shows you. Don’t be misguided by feelings. Only God’s standards are real.

It’s not like you shouldn’t speak the truth, but do it with love. Let the truth be a teacher, a lover, an eraser.  Not an opponent or a knife.


“Oh but there’s no feelings involved”

Let’s talk about intimacy, it shouldn’t be so taboo.

What if it was that simple?  What if you could just get pleasure and not have something created? Once all jokes are aside and you start talking about better topics like humanity and its essence, the universe and the hidden things, true friendships and influences, you realize that some things should be kept sacred. They should be valued. Carnal knowledge, for example, was created for many purposes, good purposes. The creator offered male and female the power to participate in the art of creation, to join and procreate (genesis 1:28). But no part of the universe exists without a dark side, not even you. While the good is working for, the wicked is working against. Everything that was handled to man is a weapon, he gets to choose how to use it. Intelligence for example, can be used to inform, comfort and uplift. Or you can use it to manipulate, hurt or glorify yourself. There are two sides to everything, but you become like the one you use more often. It’s pretty clear how the dark energies influencing this world pervertized intimacy. They have used it for all the wrong and immoral reasons. Knowing all of this, it doesn’t feel so good to hear a friend say “I’d hit that” (millennial way of expressing sexual attraction towards someone)

“Oh but there’s no feelings involved”

It would be better to just have feelings involved, you know? It’s deeper than that. We’re deeper than that. The human being is tripartite, in other words, we are made into three parts. Spirit(mind), body and soul. When you join someone and you sleep with them, you create a connection with their soul. What you do below, affects or has connections above. If you know you don’t see a future with someone, why would you create an unnecessary tie with them? Sex is more than just pleasure. That’s why God intended to have you share it with someone you love and whose heart belongs to you. My guy friends used to tell me it’s the girl’s downfall to sleep with a guy, when this is all the guy wants. But little did they know, it’s theirs too.

How? How is it a guy’s downfall?

When you mate, you give. When a guy has multiple sexfriends, it affects his spiritual state and even his journey and purpose. Every family has a dark spirit, it’s just that some decide to truly serve God and because of that, this spirit can use no power against them. But when a girl is sexy, hot or pretty without God as a higher power, she is exposed to the dark energies that’s been in her family (past or new generation). So when a guy sleeps with her, she shares her demons, dark schemes (even though she has good intentions) with the guy she sleeps with. So that guy is also exposed to the fallen angel. Guys can have demons too but I’m focused on girls today because you will more likely hear a guy say there’s no feelings while thinking it’s fun. But it would be better to just have feelings.

You may not love her, thinking you’re a true player, but you can become weak under what’s inside of her

So don’t go ahead thinking “I cheat but I love my girl” or “I’m single but I hit every now and then” because the impact of the spirit is permanent whether you are aware of it or not. The people you link with can help you walk into your purpose or they can cause delays in the things you were supposed to live. When they wanted to defeat samson (an inconvincible man with unique gift of strength in his hair). They sent him a woman, but because he was not paying attention and was blinded by his infatuation, she cut his hair and so he became weak. So someone can be sent in your life in a beautiful package but the spirit causing them to meet you has a specific plan and reason to send this person. Your essence, what you share with someone during intimacy, possess some essential things to your destiny. A lot of girls and guys have lost a blessing due to infatuation. Many have been led astray because during intercourse, the spirit operates and it causes setbacks in a person’s life. The demons in your sexual partner’s life can remain in you because you are exposed to its powers during intercourse. What’s sad is that, you don’t even know that it is truly Patricia you are sleeping with, you don’t even know if you are staring into her. Because her soul may leave for awhile and the demon starts sleeping with you. And due to this specific intercourse a plan/plot is accomplished. Don’t get sold, be careful out there.

People that are spiritually safe share grace during intercourse, but those who are not share spirits. So don’t even get lost into Jean’s eyes, his six packs are not worth it if it’s all he has, if he’s using it to attract and not honoring his journey as a person. As a woman, you hold the power to many things and you are mother, but you can’t possibly be spiritually safe if you sleep with anybody or if you think the proof of love is intercourse. It affects your existence.

I’m sure God created it to be enjoyed with someone you love, it was not meant for dares, or to show off, or because of temporary desires. In conclusion, I hope Laura doesn’t give her body away simply because a guy is cute or Tom doesn’t pursue a lady because she’s sexy, cause spiritual ties are forever. It’s never too late to break them though, but that should be a personal prayer with God, asking Him to break those unnecessary spiritual connections, to keep you away and of course you should try to not expose yourself to them again. 


Are you sure you’re the owner?

It’s trending. My neighbor already has one, so I have to do my best to have it. I will sacrifice my health if I have to. Because I should have it and update my social platforms. Oh,  but do you really have it? I think it’s the other way around. It has you! You deserve it because you kept your dignity and took the right steps to have it, but once all your energy and strength is poured out into that thing alone, is it gonna rescue you? Or what if your body gets weak and you have to be hospitalized, isn’t someone else going to enjoy it? You give it so much of your time that your loved ones can’t see you, sometimes they can’t even touch it, because you refuse to share it. It’s true that if you take care of something it will last, but if you are so scared to break/lose it that you become paranoid, your property owns you, if I may say it. You probably don’t own your things, but they own you if they cause you to lose character. It’s not just money, it’s also concerning that new phone, trending outfit, car and many more. It’s true, you should enjoy your life but things are not meant to be loved, people are. Things are meant to be shared and used. So make sure you own things and they don’t own you. Because you may lose your time, loved ones and even yourself. 




Health. It comes in many ways right? We all heard about precautions we should take to keep our bodies healthy, we heard about what to eat, what time to eat it and how often we should eat it. But what about our minds, our true selves? Our physical bodies do not represent us. The smallest influence can create a thought, and this thought can become a behavior. The conversations you have, the people you keep in your circle, the celebrity you admire and imitate, the words you speak and the music you listen to are all things that can shape you. They can build or break you, it’s up to you. Because anything you entertain is an energy you invite into your life. If you start listening to a song that upgrades insecurities, once you believe what it says or you entertain it. It will start to influence your mind, you will start thinking and behaving that way so it won’t take long until you lose any self esteem you had. The body follows the mind so make sure you learn good things so you don’t be led astray. You should also be careful about what you let entertain your eyes or what you call eye candy. Psalm 101:3 encourages us to keep our eyes away from vile things. Vanity has enough power to make your brain believe, desire or even pursue something spiritually poisonous. If your desire causes neglect in your spiritual life, it’s poisonous, if it bring others down instead of lifting them up, it’s poisonous, If it can cause you to lose your soul, it’s poisonous (mark 8:36). I think it’s safe to always watch out, to constantly pay attention to your progress, not in tangible things. But your progress as a human being, your emotional growth. Always keep an eye on how the people around you make you feel and how your life is with them. If you don’t pay attention you won’t know, and it might be too late when you decide to do so, keep your eyes open (matthew 6:22).


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