Before you think this post is made to undervalue some sort of identity or is pure bias to Gen X let me tell you it’s only focusing on what we all  have left, and we can’t make it without each other.

“You will attract the younger generation and they might well prove tougher than the older generation. What we are trying to do is to look at the future and see what we can do to bring some stability back to people’s lives.” Ian Botham

The millennial generation or the Y generation (people born between late 70’s and the early 2000’s) are known as the selfish and lazy generation. But millenials are also the most open-minded generation, and with that a lot of change can be made in our communities. Not to mention the “me generation” or the “baby boomers”  have done a lot of things we all have to deal with. And one of those things is environmental problems caused by cigarettes. Like climate change, sickness, deforestation and toxic waste. The use of cigarettes have been there long time ago, but it was rudimentary, cigarettes did not become popular until the middle stage of generation X. But what do we have as millenials? How can we progress?

Below is a list of positive things we do as  millennials and how they can help all of us.

1. Education: 2 in 5 millennials are college graduates: The process of education produces a higher social engagement and more participation in rallies especially those intended to make a change in a small community. Also, it produces a lot of community services.

2.Technology: This one is probably the top reason millenials are not trusted by our communities but with the help of technology, communication is easier, various of diseases can be analyzed and cured and new machines can be a good help for physical therapy.

3.Interactions and languages: More than 50% of millennials are bilingual this can help people engage more and learn other cultures.

4.Awareness: Millennials bring more awareness towards injustice, even though it takes a lot of effort but our generation is more vocal when it comes to things that are taboo in our community. They do this by participating in important conversations, a school project or even a hashtag. Although a lot of people take advantage of hashtags but it brings awareness in our community since social media is already a big part of our lives.  

5.Purpose: Contrary to baby boomers, millenials are the ones who taught all of us that there is something much more than living for gain. A lot of millenials are working towards inner healing like: trauma, anxiety, depression, insecurity and any other type of fear. We also emphasize body positivity and confidence. Although social media itself can be an obstacle towards achieving that goal, but our generation brings a lot of positivity towards contentment.

In fine, we are still acknowledging a lot of issues even though we face many others but they say that the first step to change something is being conscious of it. So does that mean there is hope for generation Z? It’s up to us…


  1. Sunflower says:

    I like it. Don’t forget to cite your stats. I appreciate the fact that you include Education in your list because back in the days, women weren’t allowed to go to school. Their place was in the house but now, everything has changed. Great post ! Thanks for sharing !

    Liked by 1 person

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