Society’s role in our relationships  

Tears                 Emotions       Rights

A girl grows up and learn quickly how she should behave, that she should be a lady and keep her dignity. And that’s all fine until you see how they treat boys.  Boys tend to be the happy-go-lucky figure. They grow up with the idea that they are the protector, that they are beyond strong and are allowed second chances no matter what they do because  “it’s in their nature” or it’s “the girls fault’’. Which is why a lot of men don’t cry because they think tears are a sign of weakness and that they should be strong all the time.

It shouldn’t be that way…

Did you know that tears can help keep your eyes free from debris?

Tears make your vision clearer;  they contain lysozyme

(Something that kills bacteria in a matter of minutes) So why would a man refuse to take advantage of that? The way that society want men to be is causing a lot of trouble.  Men are told to not open up, to keep it all inside and to hustle. Society should admit that men have emotions too, they can also get anxious and grief. THEY ARE HUMAN! If they were allowed to be more expressive,  a lot of relationships would succeed in the emotional area. Lack of communication is a serious thing that can cause damage in any relationship. Even long term relationships face communication issues. Because just like two parallel lines,   the way they prepare boys cannot fit in the rules girls are told to follow. They just can’t be in accord with one another. It all starts from the early experiences and the types of influence. In short, the words they speak into boys create stoical and distant men.


I mean,  being strong is important.  But why is our society not telling men how to behave too? This is far from feminism, but integrity should apply to both female and male. That way, we would have more stable families and a less confused youth.  We should applause both men and women for their strength (Though they differ) but if girls are taught probity and boys are free to go, there is a problem. And if boys are told to be cold there is a problem as well. Train more girls to be inspiring women,  and more boys to be influential, that’s how we can have a society with uplifting people.

Too rigid?

Scientists discovered that girls optimize brain connections earlier than boys, females mature faster in cognitive and emotional areas in childhood and adolescence. Since girls already have all that escalation, It would be reasonable to not give them so much pressure in order to fit in. Think about it, if you raise a girl to be a faithful woman.  To be there for her husband and to never make a single mistake. Because if she does, she will be seen as deceptive, weak and dishonest. But you raise a boy to be a strong figure that waits to be served and you tell him it’s okay to mess up a few times. How can that possibly work out? If a woman’s character decreases due to insincerity, so does a man’s. The one that chooses lies and treachery chooses the easy way out. If you choose the easy way out then that’s your downfall whether you are a man or a woman. Morality has no gender.

It goes both ways

A man shouldn’t feel weak to cry or open up to his partner. A men shouldn’t take pride in charming many women neither. But in charming one woman though he has the option of charming many, that should be the sign of strength. Chasing every girl is just a sign of emptiness and confusion.

Eventually, we need each other. We should educate both our boys and girls. We should give comfort and respect to one another,  so that we may mutually understand our wants and needs. Girls can’t do it alone and it’s okay for boys to loosen up. It’s good to let them know this before strictly telling them what to do, how to do it and when to do it. If we make it as simple as it is, there will be less apathy.

“The improvement of understanding is for two ends: first, our own increase of knowledge; secondly, to enable us to deliver that knowledge to others.” John Locke





  1. Sunflower says:

    I like the way you scheme the subject. I do concur that our society demands so much from women and so little from men. Although, it mostly shows a perfunctory reaction toward men, I think it requires a lot from them too (specially in the workforce). While some men have the proclivity to control the house, some of them do cry at some points. In fact, some even cry too much. Women and societly are more likely to acquire men who are strong not only physically, but also mentally.


  2. You’re right. Respect✊


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