Do you know those days when you look back only to see how far you’ve come? How far you’ve come emotionally, mentally and spiritually. To make things short, you want to see how far you’ve come as a person. But at times, I can’t help thinking there are some things I could’ve done better. Of course we only learn throughout the years and experiences. But sometimes, I just wish I could go back in time. Here are some of the things I would tell my younger self if I could.

1.Don’t be so obsessed with seeking advice, you may lose your own voice.

It’s always nice to receive guidance from time to time you know, but sometimes others will give you an image, a painted reality of theirs. They will only tell you from their perspective, their personal view. How about you take a chance and see for yourself? You may find out you don’t even like the things you think you like, the results will be filled with unforgettable experiences. And who told you didn’t have the answers anyways?

2.Quit letting people live through you

It’s nice that someone cares. But they can’t decide each and every one of your steps, you’re the only one who can stop this, it’s your path. There is a price to every thing in life. Every good thing take time and comes with a price that is hard to pay. You will suffer either way, just choose to react the right way and since you already like to learn life lessons, leave every approval and validation behind.

3.Anxiety is lying again

Seriously? When are you finally going to realize this? I mean.. you will end up doing it but you could save yourself some time. Anxiety is lying again and it always will until you stop allowing it. Stop believing what it tells you and give things an opportunity to speak their truth.

4.Do not fear

You serve a big God who can do big things, he’s been loyal from the beginning of time and he will remain the same forevermore.

5.Over analyzing? Oh please, not again!!!

Dear younger self, I can’t really tell you how to stop doing this one because I’m still doing it myself, I haven’t found the exit yet. But I’m doing much better now. Listen to my tips, they work: Don’t think too much before you decide to do something,  you may end up not doing it. Quit analyzing. Yes, thinking before acting is right,, the only thing is you may end up not doing things if you think too much about them. If you are worried about the fact that you can make the wrong decisions or that things will turn out against you, you will not find out by over analyzing. Have the right balance between “you only live once” and “the choices you make now will affect you later”. Sometimes, things are much better than you think they are, so if you never experience, you will never know. Because once again, others will only give you their painted realities.


You are given a life full of challenges and I’m proud to see how you surpassed them all. But don’t forget that you are also abundantly blessed and never underestimate any of your blessings, keep going and you will see. You will see down the line how nothing was worth worrying about and how you were more than enough. Stay in God’s presence, make your loved ones proud and embrace your truth.

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