What lust can and will do to you

Lust, often confused with love, is one of the things that the adversary uses to keep us from hearing God’s voice.  Although the majority of us have been through it and prefer to not talk about it, I think it’s best if it’s talked about because some of us have younger siblings or younger peopleContinue reading “What lust can and will do to you”

I think we just need the right balance during quarantine

Fear, obedience & Empathy While it is only right to follow all the healthy guidelines during the pandemic, I think fear does not have its place.  As Christians we are called to be God’s light (Matthew 5 : 14-16). If the neighbors are panicking, we don’t need to do the same thing. We are calledContinue reading “I think we just need the right balance during quarantine”

It’s never been so easy to “save” the world

It counts.  It all counts.  Your participation and your empathy.  No one is being asked to go days without eating.  No one is being asked to leave their house. Instead, everyone is being asked to remain in the comfort of their own home.  It’s never been so easy to love your neighbor. If you areContinue reading “It’s never been so easy to “save” the world”

“Brutally honest”… correction or trend?

This is how I was going to caption this blog: —-> today’s brutal “honesty” <—–But as I was reading some bible verses,  I realized that it’s not new and it is not a product of “nowadays”.  It’s always been around you know?  Even scripture says there is nothing new under the sun. I noticed thatContinue reading ““Brutally honest”… correction or trend?”

Are you sure you’re the owner?

It’s trending. My neighbor already has one, so I have to do my best to have it. I will sacrifice my health if I have to. Because I should have it and update my social platforms. Oh,  but do you really have it? I think it’s the other way around. It has you! You deserveContinue reading “Are you sure you’re the owner?”


6 ways you can get better Your wounds are not your fault but your recovery is definitely your responsibility. 1. Say positive affirmations to yourself Reminding yourself of your precious value always works. Tell yourself things such as “everything will work out for my good’’ and  “the tools I need to thrive are in my possession”. This will alleviate yourContinue reading “6 WAYS TO PUNCH A BAD DAY IN THE FACE”