Traits of the spirit of jealousy

Jealousy, we have all heard about it.  It seems like it is becoming more and more acceptable as the days go by.  Some jealousies are worth calling out so our brothers and sisters who are asleep may turn against the spirit behind it.  I would also like to mention that there are two kinds of jealousy. 1: Jealousy that’s coming from a territorial heart, refusing to share/lose a loved one.  2: Jealousy that’s coming from a selfish heart, which makes one covet what another has. Even though the first jealousy that was mentioned is not a sin (as long as there is self control and discernment) . Envy in itself is a sin, no matter what the justification is. (Exodus 20:17) Jealousy  or envy has caused Cain to kill his own brother Abel. It caused the brothers of Joseph to sell him. Envy is the reason the enemy is no longer in heaven today, he desired God’s throne. He overlooked all that God gave to him; beauty, splendor, power, knowledge, and much more.. If envy was not a big deal,  God wouldn’t forbid it alongside the rest of the commandments. Envy make people turn out evil and selfish. Below are some of the traits of the spirit of jealousy, covet or envy, however you may call it. 


  1.  Manipulation

When Rachel noticed that Leah gave three sons to Jacob, she became very envious of Leah and told Jacob to give her children or she would die.  Clearly Jacob didn’t want Rachel to die, and Rachel knew that. So she used mind games on Jacob just so she could outdo Leah. In the same way, people with the spirit of jealousy will use emotional manipulation on either the person they are jealous of or on other people involved with that person. 


  1. Lies 

Demons hate all humans and just because they make someone guilty of jealousy, it doesn’t mean that this is the only burden they will have to carry, the jealous person will also lie because these demons want them to disobey and distance from God.  In order to be envious, people spend a lot of their energy, they lose their essence and their hearts become cold. 


  1. Slander

Now this one is very similar to sign #5, a lot of time the spirit of jealousy will manipulate the truth.  Spreading little “pieces” of facts on every big amount of lies just to make them credible. A lot of people rely on the fact that they are       “not lying” in order to spread deceits or petty gossip. For the most part, the intention behind those spoken words are all that matter. (Matthew 12:36).  A lot of people don’t show their jealous spirit to the person or persons they are jealous of, so they manipulate the truth just so other people can do it (target others)  for them. 


  1. Unnecessary competition or comparison

The person affected by the spirit of jealousy is to be prayed for.  The real problem is the spirit behind it. One of the things that people with a jealous spirit do is, they duplicate other people’s identity in an unhealthy manner.  They are the same people that make others look bad after they themselves have caused something wrong. As far as comparison, there need be self control when it is being used.  People who possess a jealous spirit will compare their lives to others but not in a good way. (Philippians 2:3)


  1. Making others feel uncomfortable in their skin

A person with a jealous spirit says  things like “Stop using this skin care routine, you won’t look good”  or “You think you’re better than me” . They hate to see it, they hate to see others comfortable in their own skin. 


  1. Jealous people may  even get mad at God 

When Cain realized that God was pleased with how Abel served Him, he suddenly became envious and violent, he killed Abel.  When God asked Cain about Abel, his response was “I do not know, am I my brother’s keeper?” . Instead of taking lessons from Abel, Cain chose to kill him.  As a result of his jealousy, even the way he responded to God was not normal. In the same way, a person who possesses the spirit of jealousy can get mad at God himself for showing you His favor. 


Jealous people don’t choose who to get jealous of because they are being deceived.  A person with a jealous spirit can even become jealous of someone who has less than them.  These demons usually work as gangs, so a person who has a spirit of jealousy will also possess a lying spirit, a spirit of slander, a spirit of hypocrisy,  and even a spirit of murder if they don’t control it. The person who is a target of the jealous spirit should pray for them, love them and distance themselves.  But the person who has the spirit of jealousy should turn against that jealousy. Turning against that jealousy means turning against the spirit by asking God to remove the spirit and by committing to love. If you are someone dealing with a person that is deceived by this spirit, you should know that there is nothing wrong with you (unless you know you provoked them) you should pray for this person and  try to use healthy confrontation, unless they are the type to make a scene and blame it on you. If you are reading this and you feel that you have one or more of these traits, know that you are valuable and you are your own person. Everything that someone may have come from God, the bible says that every good gift is from above (James 1:17) Instead of focusing on the receiver, focus on the giver and in due time you will have your own. Maybe the reason why you haven’t received yours is because of the way you ask, maybe you should have different intentions (James 4: 2-3). Get right with God and learn to love and want what is for you, only then will you see the beauty of staying in your own lane. Perhaps the grass on the other side isn’t that much better… Ever thought about it that way? It’s all about perspective.


  1. Great writing! Some red flags there certainly in my own life to guard against and be aware of when they flag up!
    Fantastic read. Thank you ❣️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is my pleasure. I’m glad you enjoyed reading it ❤


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